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How I Saved a Start-Up Company 3 Months off Beta Development in 3 Hours

April 19, 20233 min read

My client was desperate to launch their online product on the market ASAP.

In this post, I share what I did for this raving review:

“I can see why Barbara recommended you. Your unique insights cut 3 months off of our web and product development. THANK-YOU!”

In 3 hours, I saved a client 3 months off of development.

The product I consulted on was for a new online product offering:

Courses and coaching to equip leaders and executives with mental health resources for burnout, compassion fatigue and building resilience.

The client had completed one round of beta testing.

She discovered her course could be marketed internationally, not just in North America.

That’s where I came in.

I have lived and travelled internationally. As well as consulted for 30 humanitarian agents in Ecuador.

A mutual consultant told the CEO that I was like hiring 10 different consultants in 1.

The CEO was eager to launch ASAP to recover growing start-up costs and become revenue producing faster. She booked a session with me.

How I did it:

1.5 hours to review the website, the courses that had been through one beta round, and to check the founders/ CEO social media to get a feel for her as a person.

I let it mull around in my mind library overnight. The next day:

1.5 hours Zoom call with the Founder client/ creator. 

Firstly, I asked permission to speak directly and candidly.

Clients get 10x the advice in a short time if I don’t need to use time and mental bandwidth to “pad" my recommendations. When I explain this, every client says yes.

On screen share, we went through the entire website and courses. Everything is recorded and an Otter transcription is available after.

By probing the founder and asking diverse questions on the fly, I blend my experiences and knowledge.

Some of my recommendations:

  1. Simplify the English. English is not always a first language. Use English cognates where possible. These words cross over into many languages.
    ie. "simple" steps instead of easy steps, "difficult" instead of hard.

  2. Remove acronyms and industry terms throughout. Plus, fatigued people need simple language as they overload easy.

  3. Re-organize the downloadable resources to match the way the user would access and store on their devices.

  4. Change all gray text on website and resources to black and make larger. Because of expensive electricity in foreign countries, people have their brightness turned low. Foreigners can’t update glasses like we can. Many are using tiny screens on old devices, all scratched up. Internationally, course material is printed on draft mode (saving paper & ink), with toner that is recycled often and nozzles that are clogged from humidity and dust.

  5. Change your bio to read as the professional & credentialed expert you are and not a mompreneur. Female professionals often undersell themselves and try to be overly "relatable" to their audience. However, predominately male execs and boards have to justify budgets allocations for this, not the female leaders that recommend the courses.

  6. Pitch to key organizations I identified as great fits using the tailored approaches I recommended in the session or best win-overs.

  7. Provide me with your product intro, so I could warm e-mail it to 3 influencers in my network as potential early adopters.

A few months later, I called the CEO to see how the product launch was going.

She was really excited because she had fully launched shortly after our session.

Since she is also a Certified Associate of Project Management and a member of the Project Management Institute, her credentialed review made my day:

“I can see why Barbara recommended you. Your unique insights cut 3 months off of our web and product development. THANK-YOU!”

Eleven months later, she successfully launched the first ever “International Church Mental Health Summit" on World Mental Health Day 2020.

Featuring influential leaders from around the world teaching and equipping an international audience. I attended, it was phenomenal.

Recently, someone asked me how I measure success.

My response:

"When someone later tells me that I helped them succeed, however small that may be, I consider that a success.”

To book a consult with me:

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Samantha Postman

Polymathic Serial Entrepreneur, Growth Consultant

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Who is Samantha Postman?

I'm a former welfare kid turned serial entrepreneur, biz consultant, and polymath educator.

I am obsessed with improving human potential, lifestyle wellness, and modern businesses.

In April 2023, I launched this completely new upscaled website and archived all of my old blog/ newsletter posts.

My best insights will be reignited in the new newsletters/ blogs, so stay tuned in.

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