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I spent my life building my mind and stacking my skills. I'm a serial Entrepreneur and 5x Founder. 3,000 acre commercial crop farm in Alberta, Canada. farm. After closing my tax accounting practise, in 2019, I started an innovation company from my executive job at a high-growth startup to build my own portfolio of one-person businesses. From idea to

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I spent my life building my mind and stacking my skills. I'm a serial Entrepreneur and 5x Founder. 3,000 acre commercial crop farm in Alberta, Canada. farm. After closing my tax accounting practise, in 2019, I started an innovation company from my executive job at a high-growth startup to build my own portfolio of one-person businesses. From idea to

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Samantha is a Polymath Renaissance Woman | She's a Life & Business Mastery Advisor, Educator, Serial Entrepreneur (5x Founder), avid storyteller, global speaker, YouTuber, blogger, CEO, CFO, Farmer, strategist, coach, photographer, previous tax expert, previous podcaster, social impacter, mentor, and friend.

Samantha holds a Bachelor in Management (Business) with a concentration on Accounting and Marketing, a Master of Arts, Certification in Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL), Tax Certifications in Personal, Corporate, Farm, Real Estate, Business, and Estates.

Her skill stacking makes her both an analytical and a creative thinker as well as a visionary and an integrator. Samantha is an observation sponge who sees everything in layered puzzles.

Her impeccable ability to solve complex and multidisciplinary problems starts with examining and dwelling on the puzzle laid before her. Methodically, she analyzes each puzzle piece to deconstruct which of its aspects do and do not work.

Samantha attributes this talent to her challenging childhood and travelling the world. This global perspective has given her wide-ranging knowledge and experience to fill business, social and economic gaps.

Find her on your favorite social media (Twitter) to see what she’s up to now. Every day has its own surprises, even for her.



Jarvis Ka

CEO, Enterprise Architect, Entrepreneur, Adjunct Professor

❝I run multiple IT companies. I initially hired Samantha for multi-business strategy advice but soon realized her true value extended far beyond that.

Once she brilliantly worked through the optimal businesses strategies for each one, with minimal explanation, she quickly identified that I needed to shift some of my focus from career goals to prioritizing my family, as I was getting married and blending two families.

Samantha's intuitive understanding and personalized advice brought clarity and balance to my life, allowing me to approach my overall life goals with renewed purpose.

She was great to work with, empathetic, and adapted her consulting services to my unique situation. In short, Samantha's consulting has been invaluable both professionally and personally, and I'll continue to trust her with my future growth."


Speaking to tens of thousands in live social audio events, podcasts, interviews and live events. In started at the age of 8, first in city poetry reciting competitions, to self-produced plays at the age of 12, teaching a variety of subjects to in person events today.

In 2019, Samantha landed a TEDx talk entitled: "How To Gain Super Power Of Perspective Shifting with Photography" (cancelled due to Covid).

Samantha crafts a unique tapestry of multi-expertise that leaves audiences captivated.

You’ll find yourself drawn into a UNIQUE educational journey of wisdom, profound insights and experiences, where each twist and turn teaches you how to achieve mastery — in life and business.



Prairie Land Farms Inc.

Samantha is a Co-Owner, Managing Partner and the Chief Financial Officer.

Prairie Land Farms Inc. a mixed grain farm operation located in Southern Alberta, Canada.

Their farms' grains, oils seeds and pulse food crops are grown locally and distributed globally.

Each crop is carefully planned, planted, monitored, nurtured and harvested to achieve the highest quality for your families.

They grow:

Wheat, Canola, Barley, Peas & Lentils.

In the past they have also grown:

Chick Peas (Garbanzo Beans), Flax, Mustard & Timothy Hay.

Samantha farms with her husband of 28 years, Damon, and their adult children — Tyler (Rachel), Riley (Julia) & Ashley (2023)

*Family photo was taken in their backyard Canola Field (2018)

From the Postman Farm — to Food at Your Table, Around the World

In 2022, Postman Farms produced enough to make:

• 1,153,500 loaves of Bread from their Spring Wheat

• 880,000 servings of Spaghetti from their Durum Wheat

• An insane amount of Canola Oil

• Tons of servings of dried Peas/ Lentils

No matter where you are from or where live now, it’s possible that you have eaten food that was grown and cared for by their family farm.

Their wheat crops are milled into flour that is shipped to Italy to make pasta, or milled into flour for your breads, cakes and pastries.

Their canola is sold to plants that crush and press the tiny black seeds into the golden cooking and baking oil you all use in your meals.

The pulse foods like lentils, peas and chick peas are shipped worldwide to places like Dubai, India, Africa, Europe and more.

The barley is made into beer, animal feel and breads.


Samantha prepared over 7,500 tax returns during the last 21 years as a tax consultant in Canada.

She established and nurtured relationships on behalf of diverse clients and industries by using tax strategy, investment and tax advising, tax returns, financial assessments, and legal compliance.

She learned a lot about diverse types of people and sectors as an eyewitness to those that shared it all; their management, leadership, staff, owners, government hardships, financial habits, family life, and so much more.

She's a master of navigating most anything including bureaucracy, filing corporate financial reports to helping immigrants simulate into their new culture.

Previously, she taught personal tax at a local tax academy.

Samantha always thought she would be a lawyer to help fight for justice in the world.

In high school, she figured out how to take law classes by distance learning. She ended up enrolling in accounting once in University when she realized she couldn’t afford 7 years of school to be a lawyer.

Traditionally accounting wasn’t a perfect fit, not enough human interaction.

So she ended up as a tax specialist.

Which is a beautiful blend of accounting and law.

It’s a career she could marry her heart for helping, and her multi-perspective mind for the benefit of thousands.

Note: Samantha is not accepting new tax clients.

With all of that expertise, in 2020, she submitted a formal strategic Proposal to the Canadian Federal Finance Senate Committee (blog version).

On how to re-stimulate the economy after COVID-19, using a never been done innovative income tax change, to also save NPO’s that provide essential social good services for Canadians and those around the world. [FYI: this tax incentive would work in most countries and provinces/ states]

Proposal to the Canadian Federal Finance Senate Committee, Samantha Postman, Canadian Federal Finance Senate Committee

In 2021, she helped the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) run the first-ever in the world, government tax agency live audio event, to educate Kenya's taxpayers about the new Digital Service Tax.

A great use of her digital-tech and tax expertise.


Human expression through photography is a superpower.

One of her High-Level Bridge photos was chosen by Hasbro for the Canadian Monopoly 2010 edition had Lethbridge won the country wide voting polls.

Many of her images hang in museums, professional buildings and homes across Canada.

Mostly, Samantha now uses her unique ability to perspective shift to educate, public speaking, and advising.

Samantha sold photos, canvases and cards in the Waterton Lakes National Historical Museum. (above)

Also, she's won a number of competitions over the years.


Since emerging from her extra challenging childhood, Samantha has overcome the odds to experience many triumphs in life.

She, alongside her outstanding husband of almost 29 years, Damon, has raised 3 thriving young adults.

She has paired triumphs and tragedies throughout her life to grow, learn, and challenge herself and the world around her.

Her journey from welfare child to dedicated wife, mother, CEO, CFO, and founder of multiple companies has left her with vast knowledge.

Both personally and professionally, Samantha is a life hacker on a mission to make our world a better place by sharing her knowledge, so others can do the same.

Through it all, Samantha has learned that love is multiplied, not divided.


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