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Bold Perspectives

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Best Advice My Doctor Gave When We Thought I Could Be Dying

April 15, 20232 min read

Imagine you got a second chance to live.

That happened to me. At 35, doctors thought I could be dying.

One doc's life advice YOU will never forget:

"You are only born with one set of tires.

Since you’ve already used some of much tread.

You have to carefully decide how you are going to use what tread you have left."

His words have permeated so many decisions in my life since. Everything from whom I spend my time with to how I use my energy and mind time.

I minimized people in my life that took up 10 times more tread than anyone else. I only have so much tread to go around.

Here are ways to consider how to use your tread:

Ask yourself, “Where do you want those tires to go before you die?

Are you going to travel and experience the things on your bucket list?

How will you grow your mind with your limited time?

What relationships to invest in?

How will you live your remaining years?

Eventually, I convinced the Canadian government to pay for diagnosis and treatment at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN.

It took me 6 years, but I made it out of the wheelchair, leg and shoulder braces, horrid medications and surgeries.

Defied all of my doctor's bleak prognoses.

I can't do sports anymore, battle brain fog from time to time, lift much or be exposed to fragranced people.

But I can drive, walk, cut my own food and carry on an engaging conversation for more than 10 minutes again.

I've since completed a Master’s Degree. Healing most of my brain trauma along the way to graduate top of my class.

Lived in Ecuador while volunteering consulting, and taught English in Costa Rica with my teen daughter while living in hostels with 18-30 years from around the world.

Travelled to Mexico to go deep sea fishing, Nicaragua to visit friends, the Dominican Republic to see our Compassion Kids, Puerto Rico and some Caribbean for my 25th wedding anniversary.

I developed a revolutionary volunteer platform wireframe prototype (for sale).

I wrote a formal brief to the Canada federal budget Senate Committee on an out of box proposal to re-stimulate the economy and save charities by refunding Canadians a % of Charitable donations.

Landed a TEDx talk.

Globally voted as the top in "Education and Knowledge" in Social Audio.

Top 40 Outstanding and inspiring Community leaders to follow on Twitter.

Started a personal website, and had a Bold Perspectives podcast launched mid-2021.

Consulted for the Kenya Revenue Authority.

Sometimes, my disease flares and the crazy pain reminds me of his somber words.

But I’m alive and well (ish).

When I die, I feel satisfied that I used my remaining tread well.

I have lived a remarkable life!

I ask you:

"How will you use the tread you have left?"

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Samantha Postman

Polymathic Serial Entrepreneur, Growth Consultant

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Who is Samantha Postman?

I'm a former welfare kid turned serial entrepreneur, biz consultant, and polymath educator.

I am obsessed with improving human potential, lifestyle wellness, and modern businesses.

In April 2023, I launched this completely new upscaled website and archived all of my old blog/ newsletter posts.

My best insights will be reignited in the new newsletters/ blogs, so stay tuned in.

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